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Cruise Ship Jobs are one of the most coveted and sought after forms of employment in the travel industry, but make no doubt about it, it can be hard work with demanding hours.

If you get a cruise ship job, you will be able to live rent free on board in your assigned cabins with other staff members and bank nearly all money earned. 

This is something that is not always possible on a land based job where you will incur a great amount of expenses, including but not limited to Rent, Utilities, Food, Gas, Entertainment, Car Payment and Insurance, plus more... which will eat up any income you've earned through your land based employer.

With a cruise ship job, nearly all expenses are eliminated as you will be able to live on board, while being able to travel the world and getting paid at the same time.

What kind of other job offers these kinds of benefits?

In addition, most cruise lines offer free medical, a major expense for most people and  can run several hundred dollars a month in the U.S. alone.

By working on a cruise ship, you will see the world, and visit dozens of countries and ports of entry where you can spend time.

But, above all, life experience is one of the biggest benefits while working a cruise ship.  On board, you'll make lifelong friends and at some point in the future, you can visit them in their home country and vice versa.

It's arguably one of the best networking opportunities for both and younger and older people.

Working on a cruise ship truly has it's benefits that you can take even when you stop working on board.

Working on a cruise ship is an exciting and truly beneficial form of employment that any one, of any age or country of origin may enjoy.



How To Work On A Cruise Ship is dedicated to providing you with the information you need to find your Dream Cruise Ship Job.  Our Members Area contains hundreds of listings of cruise lines and employment contact information.  Each Cruise Line listing provides detailed information on their: Ships, Job Descriptions, Job Hotline Numbers, Office and Mailing Addresses, Fax Numbers, Web Site & Email Addresses, Tips, The Benefits, Applications, Passport Agencies, International Embassy Listings, Work Visa Application/Processing Services, Information & Resources (For All Countries), and there is a special section within the Members Area (Cruise Ship Backdoor Employment Guide®), which lists detailed information on Cruise Ship Employment Agencies, Unique Cruise Ship Schools and Training Program Info, Sample Resumes & Cover Letters, Direct Contact Info - With Backdoor Personnel Department(s) Listings, Which Will Expedite You Throughout The Entire Employment Process, (hard to find info), plus so much more.  


You will find all of the resources, tools & information you'll need to prepare yourself for work on board, and find a cruise ship job, located within our members area.  There is no other Cruise Ship Employment Site on the net that provides you with more resources to find a cruise ship job.


You'll find hundreds of Cruise Ship Employment Office & Agency contact listings worldwide within the Members Area of our site





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This is the perfect job that will allow you to travel the world while meeting new people from around the world. 




Are You Only Looking To Ride The Cruise Lines For Free With Minimal Work?  No Problem!

Only looking to travel?  Work as a recreation host, instructor!  Work 5-10 hours a week, and ride the cruise lines for free!  All expenses paid for.  (Some financial compensation is common among cruise lines) - Something for everybody, become a member!


Wouldn't it be nice to visit the countries you've always dreamt about?  Well, the good thing is, you can make it a reality.  You choose which cruise ship to work on, and Visit: Hawaii, The Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, Eastern U.S., Eastern Canada, All of Europe, China, India, Southeast Asia, South Pacific, Eastern Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Baltic Sea, British Isles, Mediterranean, and the Black Sea.


Every year, thousands of people Internationally look to cruise ships for employment opportunities, and for 3 simple reasons.  1.) Cruise Ships allow you to LIVE FOR FREE, because all expenses are paid for.  Room and Board are Included.  This enables you to save nearly all monies earned on the Cruise Ship(s), and 2.) Work for as long as you want (You choose the length and type of employment contract) 3.) It's a perfect environment to meet people from all over the world.  No other job can introduce you to more people from as many different countries in one place.


Because of these 3 benefits alone, cruise ship employment offices and agencies are literally being flooded with applications and resumes from International Applicants.  There are ALWAYS plenty of positions available, because there are thousands of positions to fill, and as a result, are constantly hiring.  New mega cruise ships are being built every year.  Many times, they are short handed on help, and they need you!  YOU MAY WORK ON THE CRUISE SHIPS REGARDLESS OF WHAT COUNTRY YOU ARE FROM!


The bottom line is, people who work on these cruise ships are living the life others only dream about!!!  They:  Travel the world while working working on a luxury cruise liner, meet people from every country, save nearly all of their money and, eat and drink as much as they would like (24/7) Buffets, get time off to enjoy the regions and ports of call, and enjoy no living expenses as both room and board are included! They have the Traveling and Working aspect of life figured out all in one deal!  It is definitely the ideal work environment.  Are you interested?


Why Live Life In One Region Of The Globe, When You

Can See It All For Free!


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