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How To Work On A Cruise Ship is run by a group of professional cruise ship employment recruiters and agents that have come together to offer their inside industry knowledge of the cruise ship employment industry.

Since 1995, we have been providing cruise ship job seekers worldwide with the most useful resources, tools, industry contacts and information necessary to secure a cruise ship job without the uncertainty or headaches.

One of the first Cruise Ship Employment web sites on the Internet, many have followed our lead throughout the industry over the years.

We believe in providing enormous value to the customer, unlike many other sites where they offer trials and teasers with the goal of upselling you on different levels of membership.

We know how it is out there, and understand the problems cruise ship job seekers face, which is why we have created our members area which serves all aspects of the cruise ship employment sector for one small fee for unlimited access.

At our site, you won't find any filler or re-hashed information.  What you will find is the most complete cruise ship employment resource center online with thousands of Cruise Ship Employment Agency & Concessionaire contacts, Resume Tips and Submission Tools and custom software designed specifically for submitting your resume to our network of Cruise Ship Employment Contacts, Cruise Ship Schools, Courses & Training Programs, plus so much more.

Having worked on cruise ships, we can honestly say it is one of the best jobs you can possibly have as it offers the best of all worlds, including travel while working on board, room and board, relationships, parties all while earning money and in many cases tax-free depending on the region of the globe you work in.

The key to securing a cruise ship is connecting to an inside industry network which we have put together.  Once you get your foot in the door, you may transfer from ship to ship through different cruise line companies.

Rest assured, that when you use our site and vast employment platform, you will be accessing the most reliable and vital cruise ship employment resources online, compiled by industry-recognized cruise ship agents exclusively for cruise ship job seekers.



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