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Life on board can definitely an all-round fun-filled, exciting experience.  Living life to the fullest should be a top priority for everybody, and cruise ships allow this to happen!  Unfortunately, many jobs available today do not! Anybody who has worked on a cruise ship will tell you that it's the best "job" in the world.  

The fact is, throughout every work day, you will meet new people and make new friends.  Every night, there are will be get-together's.  You will be meeting people from nearly every country around the world, and you'll grow, and get a better understanding about people from other countries, and how they live their lives.  Exchange an email address with somebody, and stay in contact for years to come.  We have made hundreds of friends from dozens of countries around the globe over the years, and it's wonderful. 

If you decide to visit a country one day, co-workers that you had met on the ship during your work contract will be there for you and provide hospitality.  You will have more contacts and more resources available in your life, and that truly is a good thing.  The bottom line is, that you will become more worldly, well-rounded, diverse, and think differently about other countries and what their culture is all about.  Best of all, you will save nearly all of your money that you earn, because you have no living expenses!

Late night buffet's, after hours parties, a great working environment, and good fun while travelling for free is what you'll experience on board.

The quality of life aboard a cruise ship cannot be compared to any other normal job.  You'll save nearly all monies earned, and receive free room and board.:

  • Free Room and Board

  • Free International Travel While working on board - Go Ashore and Visit World Renown Beaches & Resorts

  • No Experience Necessary - On the job training

  • Various Types of Contracts - Work for as long as you want (Seasonal/Part Time/Full Time) 1-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 1-3 months, 4-6 months+

  • All Types of Work Available -Regardless Of Age

  • Cruise Line Travel and Employment Rates Are Skyrocketing

  • Up to 1000 Types of Jobs Available on Each Cruise Ship

  • Able To Save All Monies Earned - No Expenses

  • Thousands of Positions Available

  • Starting Pay Around $2,000/Month

Whichever cruise ship you decide to work on, you will meet people from dozens of countries around the world, and the for this is because that it's more economical for the Cruise Lines to hire staff Internationally, "where the ships are actually heading", which happens to include all of the world-renown beaches and resorts.

Go ashore and visit world renown beaches and resorts:

Visit: Hawaii, The Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, Eastern U.S., Eastern Canada, All of Europe, China, India, Southeast Asia, South Pacific, Eastern Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Baltic Sea, British Isles, Mediterranean, and the Black Sea.

Visit the places you've seen on the Travel Channel® and in

Travel/Island Magazine!  FOR FREE!






Every Day Life

Keep an open mind if you're deciding to work on a cruise ship.  The only way to know if you like it, is to try it.  Sign up for a 1-3 week contract and decide for yourself if this is something you would like to do in the long term.  We are sure you will be impressed. We were!!!  There is so much fun you can have!  Become a member!

Employee Sleeping Quarters

There are many benefits when working on a cruise ship.  All of which outweigh any of the disadvantages.   There is limited privacy: You don't get your own room right of the bat, however there are positions that allow you to have your own room.  Seniority plays a major role on the ships.  Example:  If you're a new employee, and you're heading into an entry-level position, expect to share a room with somebody.  Usually, you will not have more than 1 roommate.  Also the rooms are very comfortable and livable  If you don't mind having a roommate temporarily, you're good to go! That's the only major issue on the ships.  Now, in many cases, you can pay a minimal fee each month and get your own room. The thing is, it may not be economical for you.  Chances are, you won't be spending too much time in the rooms.  You'll either be working or sightseeing.  After you put in about 2-4 months of work on a ship, you could very well get your own room by talking to a manager.  Again, it's all about seniority.  It's really a great life on board.

No Expenses

Nearly all monies earned are saved.  There are literally no expenses, except when you go ashore and purchase items.

Receiving Postal Mail From Family and


You can receive mail at nearly all of the cruise ship ports.  The crew purser will provide you with an itinerary of the ports you will be visiting and the port agents mailing addresses at each location.  You may send and receive mail at each port agents mailing address.  The mail will be delivered to the ship that you are on.

Contract Lengths/Content

Remember, cruise ship contracts vary.  You may negotiate what you would like in your contract.  Read the contract thoroughly before you sign.  Request more time off if you wish.  Contract Lengths are as follows. 1-3 weeks, 2-3 months, 4-6 months +

Zero Drug Tolerance

No drugs are allowed on the ship, although alcohol on board is widely-available, and drinking is common among employees.

International Work Environment

There are people from dozens of countries around the world who work on the ships.  Nearly everyone speaks some English.  It is recommended to anyone who wishes to work on a cruise ship, that they speak some English.

Time Off

All crew members are free to go ashore when their schedule allows them to.  Remember, you are free to choose what type of work contract you want.  You may work as much as you would like.

Eating Your Meals

The cruise ship industry is known for their 24 hr buffets.  You may eat from the Buffets, Order meals directly from the kitchen, or you can go to the employee cafeteria, and eat food there.  All food and beverages are FREE!!!!!!!

Transportation To and From Cruise Lines

Usually, all of your transportation expenses, including plane tickets are paid for by the Cruise Ships or the Employment Agencies when going to and leaving from the cruise lines.  It depends what your contract states.  If you resign or get fired, chances are no travel expenses are covered by either parties.  Getting home is your responsibility.

Always Have A Smile

Always have a smile on your face.  It's your job to maintain a positive attitude towards your co-workers and the guests.  This part is a must.  Be outgoing!

Weekly Safety Drill

Crew members must attend a weekly lifeboat safety drill, plus other occasional safety drills by law.

Various Types of Cruise Lines

You have the option to work on a mega-liner, smaller ships, singles cruises, etc...  All information is located within the members only area of the site.

Documentation Needed To Work

The only documentation you need to work on a cruise ship is a (PASSPORT) and depending on what country you live in, a (VISA), and it is recommended that you do bring your birth certificate.  You can get the (PASSPORT) within 72 hrs by going to an expedited service passport agency.  We list all Passport agencies that you can go to and get your passport within the members area, or alternatively, you can go to any post office and pick up a passport application.  It takes a few weeks to get it that way.  When it comes to a VISA.  You'll have to contact a cruise ship office or recruiting agency to find out how and where to get it depending on your country.  All Passport and VISA information is located within the members area of the site.



 Financial Comparison: Cruise Ship Jobs vs. Land Jobs: 

Regardless of which country your are from, what language you speak, or your experience, the cruise ship employment industry offers something for everyone.  Hundreds of new ships are being built and hiring agencies & human resource departments are recruiting people by the thousands.  seize the moment, and start a new adventure.

Working on a cruise ship offers a plethora of benefits, but one would like to point out, is that there is no cost for ROOM & BOARD.

That's right.  You will bank everything you make, unlike a land-based job.  Most of your daily expenses will be eliminated, including: RENT/HOUSING COSTS, FOOD, GAS UTILITIES, CAR PAYMENT, Etc..

These expenses alone can add up to thousands of dollars a month.

Estimated Living Costs Per Month For On-Land Job:

Rent Room Furnishings Utilities Phone Gas Auto Insurance Food Every Day Purchases Leisure Activities
$400 $100 $75 $50 $50 $75 $200 $100 $100

TOTAL: $1150

Estimated Living Costs Per Month On Any Cruise Ship:

Rent Room Furnishings Utilities Phone Gas Auto Insurance Food Every Day Purchases Leisure Activities
$0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0

TOTAL:  $0

The average entry-level income from a cruise ship job is $2k-$3k a month.  You bank the full $2-$36k.  Pay Rate increase requests granted frequently.  Total Yearly Savings: $24,000 - Able To Travel - No Cost To Live

Let's say you make the same amount of money with an Land Based Job.  You bank only $850.  Raises not as frequent.   Total Yearly Savings: $10,200 - Unable To Travel - With Living Costs Incurred

Realistically speaking, there is no other job in the world that could give you as many benefits in one place.  THIS IS THE ULTIMATE JOB, THE ULTIMATE LIFE, THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE!  IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER!


What is best for you? 

Break The Monotony Of Every

Day Life On Land! 



Don't Miss Out!  

Life's Fun Onboard!





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